Hit and Run @ N Chautauqua & N Lombard

Hi there, with the frequency of misfortunes that happens on bicycles, and are published daily and read about in the city of Portland, its frustrating to just read about it, then have to conceive the circumstances that unfolded and the actions that were taken, For instance such circumstances as a hit and run. As we all can guess, they’re a super serious matter, considering the literal impact it leaves on the defenseless cyclist, and implications among the community. It’s pretty sickening that one wouldn’t have enough courage to take a stand, and face up to the harsh reality that they put upon then selves and the victim. With the rather unfortunate news I just so happened to be involved in such an instance. As it went, I was riding up N Chautauqua towards N Lombard, during my morning commute. A school bus passed me by the Columbia swimming pool and I didn’t think anything of it, till I was approaching the light at Lombard, when a black BMW SUV briskly passed me then illegally got next to school bus, which was turning left. Guessing it was waiting to going forward on Chautauqua I did as most cyclist do got around the BMW and waited for the light to change as I was doing the same. So the light turns green, forcing the BMW to wait literally two or three seconds. When I hear this loud throaty roaring engine coming up from behind me. Undoubtably he had floored it, and had his blood curdling so much, that he swiftly smacked my handlebars, spinning me around, then thrashing me against the unforgiving wet pavement. So there I am wet, and dismayed, still on the ground in the middle of the intersection, when I’m able to hear the BMWs engine still going full throttle. So I instantly look up witnessing it illegally passing other cars up the street, and running stop signs to get away from the scene in which it has just created. I quickly grabbed everting that had been knocked off me and my bike, and got to the corner. Not one car came to my aid or ask if I was alright, typical if you ask me. All this happened too fast to get any details, and with everyone rushing around, I couldn’t get a witness. So there I was in the rain, with a full range of emotions flowing through me, and the pain setting in that the cocksucker will probably get away with it.

All of this is happened against my will. Can’t express how incredibly frustrating it is, and makes one only want to lash out in the worst primordial way possible. So I with a great will, I must say if you ever dealt a cold hard hand like this, keep in mind there’s others out there who’ve gone through the same shit storm, and would love to seek the sweetest form of justice along with you. And to the MF in the BMW it’ll be high noon if I see you along that route again.

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This is my worst nightmare that I think will happen to all of us cyclists at some point. Please get a gopro, or cheaper camera, and record your rides 24/7. It’s something I’ve had to do sadly after realizing just how incompetent drivers are here -

Heck, I just had a BMW almost hit me 3 days ago on video and break several laws. In Oregon, you can go down to the station and write your own citations which you’ll take to court, if you have a plate and a driver description. (Video Evidence will solidify any case in concrete)

That’s what I’m gonna be doing tomorrow, and I recommend you at least report the BMW and get it on file even if you don’t know the plate. So sorry that happened to you :frowning:


Dang. So sorry to hear this. Glad you weren’t more badly hurt. But I am pissssed! So tired of this type of garbage behavior. I appreciate you sharing your experience and hopefully you find some justice eventually (and/or that the driver gets the karma clapback they have coming for them.)

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License, registration and insurance have become essentially optional in the city limits though, with the vagrancy epidemic right now.

Please explain your comment.