Hit and Run Fatality in Mt Tabor Do we all need cameras?

Another hit and run fatality. Do we all need to get cameras on our houses, bikes, apartments, cars, delivery trucks and businesses so we can catch these people? It seems like there is no longer any reason for people to care about their fellow humans. Kill ‘em and run is the new MO in Portland. Can’t have more police, can’t have traffic enforcement because this is “racist”. What do we do? Right now the answer seems to let people die.

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24/7 Recording Cameras for Cyclists is a must. If anyone reading this comment doesn’t run a camera on their helmet/bike 24/7, you are taking a huge risk. I personally use a GoPro Hero 9 with a bunch of spare batteries which will last me 6+ hours.

Not only am I covered if a driver were to hit me, try to say it was my fault, etc, but I can also share the most interesting clips/close-calls on YouTube and these forums.

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Practice showing video from the GoPro on your phone (which I have to do with my ancient Hero 3+) or on the GoPro itself if it has a screen. I hope you don’t get to verify this, but if you are hit you will need to show that video with your hands shaking from a full dose of adrenaline. The muscle memory will make that task a little easier.