Historic Columbia River Highway trail & gravel riding near Maupin

I live in Bellevue and am planning a light touring (self supported) trip the first week of July. I’d really like to take the train down from Seattle with my bike. Plan is to ride from Portland to The Dalles then loop down through Maupin and back up to Biggs Junction. Here’s the route (exept pdx to the Dalles). Planning on riding gravel bike with 650bs. Would love your thoughts if you feel like having a look. The Oregon Stampede - brooks multi day plan - A bike ride in The Dalles, OR

But, here’s my question; Can I get from Portland to The Dalles on the Historic Columbia River Highway trail? Having some trouble figuring out if it’s complete yet. And if not, how treacherous is it to ride I84 for the incomplete portion?

Sounds like a great trip!

Bad news is the Historic Hwy State Trail isn’t complete yet. There’s still a relatively short, 5 mile section around Mitchell Point that isn’t done. And yes, you have to ride on I-84. I’ve never done it but have heard it is very stressful and not fun.

Here’s an updated ODOT website about it Oregon Department of Transportation : Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail : Regions : State of Oregon

Good news is the other 67 or so miles of the path are open! And it’s super nice. (photo gallery of latest section to open → Riding the newest section of the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail (Photo Gallery) - BikePortland.org). I would definitely try to hit it on a weekday or off-peak hours if possible because the area around Multnomah Falls and a few other spots can be super busy with drivers and their annoying cars.

Also keep in mind that Covid-related closures might still be in effect in early July, although I would assume everything would be fully open by then.

As for making your route happen, you could always ride up and over Lolo Pass Road instead of taking the Gorge. Here’s what that looks like - The Ride: Pedaling from Portland to Hood River - BikePortland.org. It’s much more difficult but more adventurous :grin:

Also keep your eyes on the Columbia Gorge Express bus service. It’s still suspended but will likely be running again by July. Their buses have bike racks and you could jump on at Cascade Locks and get off 20 minutes later in Hood River! https://www.ridecatbus.org/columbia-gorge-express-3/

Have fun. Hope it all works out.

I second Jonathan’s suggestion of Lolo Pass. Here’s some video of what you’ll miss on the Shellrock Mountain / Mitchell Point section where you’d have to travel on I-84: https://vimeo.com/124721047

If that’s not enough funky gravel stuff for you, when you get to Dee, instead of turning north into Hood River, you could turn south through Parkdale (check that groceries are available), continue south on OR 35, and turn East on forest road NF-44 to Dufur, and on to Maupin. Both those routes require complete self-sufficiency.



Thank you guys! Super helpful! Think I’ll go the Cascade Locks - Hood River bus route. That video is enough to have me think about quiting cycling! :slight_smile:

Here’s the end to end route I’ve come up with (franken-route comprised of other stuff I’ve found from other people . . . always a recipe for adventure & silliness :wink:

If you are interested, here it is:

I’d be grateful if you took a peek and gave me a heads up if you noticed anything totally ridiculous. Not planning anything heroic; 35-70 miles / day. That’ll be plenty for me I’m sure. I rode about 5,000 miles last year but I’m not any type of badass at all.

Appreciate your help!

Looks great! It’s open, hot, windy, and dry in the summer, so carry plenty of water. I like the weather app “Windy” for its wind forecasts.

Windy, extra water, and the “windy” app; you guys are the best! Thank you :slight_smile:

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Whoah, that section on Wyeth Trail. 3500 feet in 4 miles? Ouch.

Thanks rainpanther :slight_smile: Here’s the end to end route. I think the Wyeth trail section is the part where I’m planning to take the bus from Cascade Locks to Hood River; no heroics here!

phew! I’m relieved on your behalf!

That’s a very informative video. Should be a fun trail once the to connection is finished. Can’t wait to start riding here, just finishing the installation of the rack and railings from 4WheelOnline on the truck and we’ll check which trails are open now around here.

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