Here is why I no longer use public transit in Portland (3 year old child attacked)

***“A mother and child were waiting for a MAX train when Workman allegedly shoved the child, aged three, off of the platform and onto the MAX train tracks without provocation,” ***

There is a video in the link below of her pushing the child onto the tracks.

Unfortunately here in Portland we have attracted and enabled a large number of violent and unstable people to live in our community without having the will and adequate support to keep them from endangering themselves and others. We have a broken social contract in our city.

How will we increase our transit share when this type of behavior has become so common In Portland?

Woman accused of pushing 3-year-old onto MAX tracks in 'unprovoked' NE Portland attack | KATU

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Yeah but this is Portland and ya can’t judge. This person after all is one of Portland’s “sacred cows”.

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problem isn’t really public transit as it is lawless culture. Even with private transportation, Portland is infested with plateless, uninsured drugged driving that is poorly enforced.


How does Portland get out of this rut? People here vote for the same thing over and over again. Sure they have their little virtue signaling signs in their yard, but in the end they really would just rather pull their curtains closed and pretend like nothing is happening outside.

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