Help us find this smash and grab thief who hit Clever Cycles 10/11/2020

Hello, somebody robbed Clever Cycles at 5:30 this AM but was nice enough to park his shitty white SUV - with distinct right rwear quarter panel damage - in front of the cameras.

Let’s find this dude. Could use some help ID’ing the car, too.


Car: unknown white suv

Bikes taken:

2020 Breezer Doppler Cafe Plus

2020 Brompton Bicycle Electric

2020 Brompton Bicycle folding bike

2020 Brompton Bicycle folding

2020 Yuba Electric Mundo

2020 Yuba V3 Electric Spicy Curry

2020 Gazelle Cityzen T10


Looks like the car is a white 2005 Toyota 4Runner with a dent in fog lights area of the passenger-side of the front bumper. Might be stolen, but it could be a good place to start.

Pic for comparison:

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See my comment at Help Identify Thief: Stolen Cannondale Road bike with video from SE Westmoreland/Sellwood Neighborhood 9/10 - #2 by Chopwatch

If the camera hasn’t changed view at all since it was taken, mark the screen at where the guy’s head is. Move a ball around in the view of the camera until it occupies exactly where his head is and measuring the distance from the top of the ball to the ground will give you his precise height which is useful information.