Helmet with built-in camera

We talked about one high-tech bike helmet a while ago, but here’s another one that integrates a camera at 375g. Kinda spendy, but gopros aren’t exactly cheap either.

Cool concept although it’s still a concept.

Now that it’s getting dark, I was looking into helmets with integrated lights, not so much to be seen as to be able to illuminate things ahead of me by pointing my head rather than my handlebars where my current light sits.

Lumos has a nice selection for visibility but I haven’t found anything with a strong beam head lamp yet.

They haven’t met their funding goal yet, so it might not become reality, but it’s at least more than a concept. They’ve got a prototype, and a track record that suggests they’re capable.

How strong do you want? There are plenty of offerings that are too bright for city use.

IMO, cameras, lights, etc. should not be integrated into helmets as the range of choice in all these things is excellent and that way you don’t need to buy everything when you wreck or simply want to upgrade one thing.

When things are bundled, it’s an incentive to cut corners. Cheap cameras tend to have inferior optics, low light performance, water resistance, software and cheap lights often come at the price of bad beam patterns and reduced durability particularly if you ride in conditions. Lack of helmet choice means reduced ventilation and options for fitting.

I’m rethinking this because if I put a helmet cover on, and that’s what I do in the rain, then it’s going to obstruct the light.

I can go back to doing what I’ve done in the past and that’s to ride with 2 lights on the handlebars.