Heirloom Apartments Bike Through

I noticed that there is a large apartment complex and additionally roads being built east of the Fred Meyer on 82nd and Johnson Creek.

This intrigues me as getting from Mt Scott Arleta or Brentwood to the grocery store by bike or foot involved going around to Johnson Creek or 82nd which is either long, dangerous, or both. I’m wondering if there is any city body or the apartment complex that could be implored to leaving a way for bikes and pedestrians to get through.

At the moment it looks like that might be the case, but I could see them trying to fence it off as well.

Google Maps view of the area

That’s too bad, I remember that being a large mostly empty lot with a house and barn/work shop.
Nice it’s located near the Freddies and the other shops in that area, not nice that it’s near the Springwater Trail.
10+ years ago I used to walk down 72nd → Luther → 82nd → Freddies/Trader Joes to get groceries. Walking along Luther was always such a joy. Tried to do it as early as possible to avoid as much of the traffic as possible.