Greeley bike lane goes green

Been watching progress on the two-way protected bike lane on N Greeley and the folks at Adidas (who are paying for and building the project) have really done something wild with the section of bike lane in front of their offices. It’s millions of tennis ball-green circles!

So the question is… What should we call this thing? Funniest suggestion I’ve heard so far is “Greenley” !

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I don’t know what to call it, but the appearance is striking. Looks sort of like a green slime honey comb to my eye. Greenley seems as good as anything. And that sure is a nice, wide bike facility. Protected by a continuous curb, to boot. That’s some really nice infrastructure.

Did they use grit infused thermoplastic to apply the color? Looks pretty well textured, whatever it is. After what happened with the striping on Williams a couple years ago, I’m leery of third party contractors applying atypical paint to the road surface.

A week ago, I rode up Greely from Interstate. When I got to Going there was nothing to tell me that I should cross diagonally to the new 2-way bikeway so I kept going. The bike lane disappears and I was riding in the traffic.

I hope they’re planning something to tell northbound folks to cross at the bike crossing.

I rode uphill today and the situation remains the same. It has been that way for over a month. Ironically, Roger Geller, Portland’s bicycle coordinator, was coming downhill and we chatted briefly after he was able to cross. He acknowledged the new infrastructure isn’t complete and is confusing for uphill riders. I’m optimistic that it will be finished soon, and definitely like how it is shaping up, but it was a little premature to call this mission accomplished.

I’m confused - has the bike lane on Greeley north of the going intersection been removed?
I haven’t ridden there for a year-plus but there was a post-delineated bike lane (north of the ramp up from Going) when I was there last.

There’s now a two-way protected bike lane on the west side of Greely from the Going intersection past the Adidas buildings, north to Willamette. There’s a diagonal bike crossing (with bicycle traffic lights) from the northwest corner to the southeast corner of the intersection at the start of the (fairly new) southern protected bike lane. Cyclists in either direction are supposed to cross between the two segments of the protected bike lanes.

The issue is that (last time I was there, a couple of weeks ago), there was no signage to tell bicyclists how to navigate this intersection. When I got there, I continued north as I’ve always done, and end up in the only traffic lane.