Great News! Covered I-5 coming

Great news! Can’t wait for all the great biking with I-5 caps!

Commission grants conditional approval to I-5 proposal

I’d rather see the I-5 Rose quarter project just not move forward. But at least there will be a positive outcome.

Haha if you think this means the project is any closer to happening you should pay closer attention. ODOT and the OTC seem totally incapable of establishing the competency and trust necessary to pull this off.


Time will tell I guess. Still looking forward to some great new biking that will be created by the project. Yeah, agree lots of dysfunction in ODOT, OTC, city government (Portland) and Metro right now. I think that they have stayed remote despite vaccinations is a major problems. Such an overuse of privilege. Much of society has been back to work in person for over a year or more. Grocery workers never stopped. They are using the “delta surge” as an excuse to stay home and not work very much. This shows in the amount of governmental dysfunction we are now seeing. Hopefully they will get back to work soon and see this project through.

You may be correct, but that seems a rather flippant response.


yeah sorry for the attitude in that reply. Just sensitive because I feel like ODOT and their BFFs at the OTC are deliberately misleading people about the caps and the project in general.


ODOT seems incapable of considering an alternative plan: build caps, don’t expand the freeway. Of course that plan doesn’t help their actual, unstated ethos: expand VMT.


let us not forget that the highest ranks of ODOT - the Director! - absolutely believes that more freeway lanes are a climate change solution because they believe it will keep drivers from idling as much. This is dangerous thinking and we need to be very skeptical of these folks and their proposals -

Well, idling is bad, right? I know the Canadians introduced a no idling zone at our northern border to reduce carbon output. Of course eliminating the border between our closest ally would be better but one can’t argue that cars idling are a good thing.