Gonzalez - Here come the usual suspects

$250 a month to rent more than 3,000 square feet of office space in downtown Portland?

Rene Gonzalez lack of principle and openness in reporting this sweetheart deal from Jordan Schnitzer, says a lot about the character of this politician.

Greedy dark money organizations run by Portland business and real estate interests; aka, the same people who created the major increase in homeless people in Portland through major increases in rent…doubling rent is some cases, ……consider Gonzalez their guy; he is one of their guys.

250$ for 3000 sq feet?! This world has gone mad… I’ve been talking to sporting goods store https://gritroutdoors.com/ that’s renting(my parents live there and since I visit often - I’m buying stuff there often) - and they are paying tenfold for same space.

the same people who created the major increase in homeless people in Portland

Couldn’t possibly be all the people who approved the rapid rise in drug addiction and it’s resulting loss of employment that caused people to live on the streets? Afterall, rent increases are regulated so your doubling of rent is what shall we say? “fake news”?

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Yeah the mess is a multi pronged beast ain’t it? Nice Trump quote btw…no defense of Gonzalez?


from the above link and article from 2017:

*the Normandy apartments on Portland’s Northeast Killingsworth Street, residents recently received notices that *their rent will more than double on April 1.

“Sorry to inform you, but the rental market has created enough of a disparity to your present rent that an increase has become necessary,” reads one of the notices, published in The Oregonian. The announcement goes on to cite rising costs and “the steady increase of market rents for similar units in the Portland area,” as the reason one tenant’s rent is increasing from $600 to $1,250 a month.

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Getting desperate now that Hardesty’s poll numbers are in the toilet.