Glass in bike lane: don't hold yr breath waiting for PDX

Yeah, we’ve got a lot of (legit) complaints about the City, drivers, cops, etc. But I was inspired by reading here about a guy sweeping glass out of a bike lane. I tried it, it’s easy to bungie a broom to your top bar, bristles sticking out rear-ward, witch-like. Sweep the glass from the bad spots on your usual ride, and you’ll have fewer flats, as will others. If lots of us do this even once in awhile, we can fix a big problem, 'stead of waiting for the City to do it, which we all know ain’t gonna happen. Beat’s complaining, anyway.


Was that you sweeping debris out of the bike lane on Vancouver Ave this weekend?

Thanks for your help!! I end up do this as well on my commutes, its better than biking over the same glass twice a day!