Glass all over Springwater Trail

I’m writing this as I wait for my wife to pick me up at the Foster Road crossing of the Springwater Trail. I got a flat that destroyed my tire from all the glass that the drug addicts break on the trail between here an 82nd. It’s pretty much unavoidable today. Maybe one of the houseless advocacy groups will buy me a new tire and tube.


No, the houseless and transportation “advocates” (such as bike loud, The Street Trust, Oregon Walks, Central City Concern, Verde, etc) just want to shut down all major arterials to vehicles so they also can be littered with glass and be “safe” for camping.

While you are waiting, get a picture of the tire.

That ship sailed yesterday.

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also known as “Portland pavé”

Seriuosly though, sorry about your tire. Conditions are getting worse. My partner and I went on a ride on Tuesday, and her kevlar-lined tire got a glass puncture and flatted.


Perfect cycling related description.

My sympathies. I’ve given up on light tires and ride with heavy-duties now, but still get plenty of flats. But while we’re all waiting for the City to clean off our bike paths (don’t hold your breath on this), get yourself a broom and sweep glass off the path an hour or two a week wherever it is you ride. Words alone won’t do it.


There’s new broken glass on the Springwater Trail near the Paesano social club. It’s close to where a number of people often hang out under an awning by the trail.

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Not a surprise, Don’t vote for any incumbents unless you want this to continue.

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Does Portland tend to have a glass breaking fetish in geneal? I’ve been seeing a lot of bus shelters and street car stops with windows smashed. They weren’t caused by cars, because the frame is not damaged.

No fetish of glass breaking. Just a homeless crisis that is being enabled by our elected leaders and the homeless industrial complex. Time for compassionate pragmatism. Offer shelter and ban unsanctioned camping.