Gideon Ped/ Bike Overcrossing

Would anyone like to comment on the condition of the elevators at the Gideon Overcrossing? These pics show the condition it has been in for a couple of weeks now. And yes, that is human feces in the corner. Who is in charge of maintaining these elevators? According to the original story about this structure, “TriMet built the bridge, but it will be owned, operated and maintained by the City of Portland.”

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Someone even spray-painted a yellow arrow pointing to the pile of crap in the corner!

That’s about what the Gibbs Street Bridge elevator has looked like for the last year or so, minus the feces. Unfortunate, but not surprising.

That yellow arrow is pretty funny, in an otherwise disgusting situation.

I went looking at >>> Services and Resources >>> [x] Report and, while there are loads of choices, none of them appeared to deal with sidewalks. There are choices for sewer smells, several for pollution or hazardous waste, campsites, police reports, and a slew of other common concerns, but nothing really about sidewalks, pedestrians, or minor clean-ups and breakages at city facilities. Anyone have a better idea? Any City of Portland Twitter accounts to ping?

PBOT owns, operates and maintains the Overcrossing so they would be the responsible bureau.

Contact the PBOT at 503-823-1700

Could also report via the PDX reporter under “other”

Thanks for posting. Really is too bad this is happening. What a shame.

PBOT says elevators are maintained by Facilitiy Services.

I got this after I sent an email to PBOT:

The elevators are maintained by Facilities Services at 503-823-5252. I have forwarded your concern to them.

OMF Facilities Dispatch:

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ugh. Sorry to see this @pdxbusman. I didn’t know that OMF was in charge until I read it in this thread. Good to know. And I’m glad you posted it here because now I can share the link and boost it on social. Keep us posted if you make any progress.

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I haven’t used it in a while but did the nearby Rhine/Lafayette crossing ever get this bad? I used that one regularly for a while and was surprised by how it generally remained in good condition other than the elevator breaking sometimes.

Hey Maus! Progress has been made! On Friday early evening I rode home and purposely went down to the overcrossing just to see if anything had changed. I entered the first elevator (the one with the pile of crap in the corner) and it was completely CLEAN. In fact, it still smelled of fresh cleaner. I was stoked! I then pedalled across the bridge to the other elevator. It was down, so I pushed the button and up it came. As it came into view, there was a man in there…cleaning the graffiti off the glass! So, we had a conversation about it. Turns out he works for TriMet! I asked him his name, but he was hesitant to tell me until I told him I drove for TriMet. He said one of his cleaning areas is the MAX station there at Clinton and Gideon. He said he had seen the condition of the elevators for a time, was off for a few days and thought he would check to see if they had been cleaned yet. When he discovered they had not, he took it upon himself to do it. He had called the same people at TriMet that I sent a message to via our internal email system as was told “we don’t know”. Anyway, I’ve rambled too long here. Let’s see how long the clean lasts.


Thanks for the update. Glad it’s getting some attention.

Wow that TriMet employee should be nominated for “employee of the year”. Volunteering to clean up human waste. Thank you kind sir!


That sounds about right with the service level to be expected from OMF.

So, it’s one thing to not be enforcing something, but quite another for the city itself to be in violation of its own ordinance. Within the city of Portland, law requires that graffiti be abated within 10 days upon occurrence. OMF has been spewing out this red toilet thing everywhere. They often fail to get tagger tags removed within 10 days. It’s implicit that they’re discovered within a few days, because they’d be noticed when they’re serviced. It is illegal to not remove graffiti within 10 days. I suggested they get rid of that red thing and they haven’t been responsive to that either. They’re adamant about rules when it comes to enforcing deadline on Arts Tax though. Here’s the thing where OMF does not follow city’s own ordinance with regard to maintaining things free of graffiti.

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Any maintenance responsibility taken over by COP = inaction, excuses, passing the buck until the problem is normalized and we all just look the other way.

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