Getting to Seattle

I intend to do the annual Seattle to Portland ride in July. My major challenge is getting me and eight foot recumbent to Seattle. Is there a group I could join which would help with getting to Seattle? Suggestions regarding shipping such a beast? Advice from those who have done the event?

I would suggest calling or visiting the Union Station’s Amtrak division to see what they can do. They have a bicycle train car that it might be able to fit on for a fee. If not you can pack it into cardboard boxes and have it come with you on the trains luggage car. If its your first time taking the Amtrak, it’s cheap ($80 when prebooked round-trip, one-way would be super cheap), is faster than car, and it’s fun.

If that doesn’t work out/you can’t put it in boxes, then my only other idea would be to get it driven up there somehow.

No luck with a car pool on those mailing lists?

How about S&S BTC couplers?

I have tried repeatedly to get Amtrak to permit me to bring my recumbent on the train. My first one was no longer than most bikes. Once the word recumbent was used there was no further discussion. Now my new one is 8 feet long which probably amplifies the problem. Perhaps I may have to pay for a U-Haul truck. Price and volume overkill but possible.

Yep I’d rent one of the small u-haul pickup trucks, that sounds like the best option.

The Portland Bicycle Club offers transportation for riders and their bicycles from Portland to Seattle on Friday before STP. Bicycles are carried on a truck, so maybe the club could accomodate your large recumbent. There’s contact information on that page - suggest you ask.


Many thanks for PBC suggestion. I just arranged transport with them. This was my las great planning challenge.