Free Bickerton Portable - Project Bike

I have a late 70s Bickerton Portable, free to a good home.

It doesn’t look as good as the Wikipedia pictures.
It has been hiding in my basement for 35 years. Its cob-webby and dusty and needs work.
It is missing its chain, the dual purpose bag, and some minor fasteners and lock washers
You will probably want to replace the 40 year old tires and check the spokes.
But, it worked well until I had to lug my Kaypro 2 back and forth to work. It couldn’t handle well with that 28 pound load on the handlebars.

And free, because I’m 35 years older and can’t give it the love and care it deserves.
Contact me with any questions

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Is this still available? I’d love a good project and could always use a folding bike for the stable. :slight_smile: