FOUND: Trying to reunite Rad Power Bikes RadWagon4 with 5+ Rad accessories

So, I’m connected to a school that has what seems to be a dumped/abandoned Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4. No serial number match on BikeIndex, no police theft match either.

Trying to get Rad Power Bikes to look up and contact the buyer of the bike themselves (given they are a direct-to-consumer firm) by providing the serial number.

That being said, in case they are a bit disorganized with serials, I also noticed that there are at least five Rad-specific unique accessories on the bike as well, which you’d think Rad could search their invoices for this combination and find the customer that way.

Even reached our to a couple of Rad people on LinkedIn, posted on a Rad-related forum, reached out via Twitter too. What else do you think I could do to try and alert the owner?!

It’s sad - there are kids helmets strapped to the bike too - clearly a family hauler, someone should be missing this and perhaps is not empowered to alert/look in the right places!

Is there anything else I might be missing on how I could help reunite this bike?

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Try Reddit or NextDoor?

So, looks like potentially the serial number was written down incorrectly (they’re not finding any matches), so will go back and revisit and remove the front basket to get a full and direct view of the serial number. I do have a response from Rad and they seem keen to help find the real owner.

There’s hope in reuniting the bike, we’ll see what happens!

Update: serial number is what was originally reported. Hopes seem to be dashed.

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