Found stolen bike in Laurelhurst

Abandoned in Laurelhurst, 10/15/20, REI Novara bike, green. Has some stickers and accessories that would help identify if yours. Would like to return to owner. Email me @

Have you checked to see if this bike is registered in Bike Index?

I see this happen from time time. I believe they’re career criminals/druggies doing it this way to avoid the charge of felony sale charge. Sometimes, you’ll see a decent bike just sitting out unlocked with nobody around. Something no reasonable people in Portland do.

Only a few days ago, someone posted a complete (in one piece) bike was left in the water at Westmoreland park under the shallow walking bridge.

This bike was left in the middle of the road by a homeless man struggling with a large suitcase. He dropped the bike and kept walking. Did not respond when conversation attempted.

Yes. Bike does not appear to have serial number, but searched anyway under make and color.

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