Found: Lime/highlighter green men's frame: 1132 SW 13th Ave & SW Main St

Unknown brand, ordinary style men’s frame in solid highlighter/bright fluorescent green. Not the most common color, so I thought I’d post it. It’s in the dirt along the bike path approximately across from homeless youth service provider where there is a massive transient activity in the embankment.

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you didn’t notice if it was this one, did you? Stolen 1993 Nishiki Ariel LTD Richard Cunningham

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I’d say it was closer to this shade.

It was a bright color that it stood out immediately just going past it. There was nothing left to it other than the frame, but there was too much transient activity to stop and give a closer look.

It was just chilling at 45.517972, -122.686807

Absolutely no blame to the victim from me (theft is theft), but just for general knowledge I’d like to know more than “Bike was locked up…” Good u-lock? Locked to what? How was it defeated? (It’s good it has location and time.)

Sorry if it was yours. :frowning:

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