Forum technical issues "You can't log in as _you_ from that IP address"

Anyone else run into this? Sometimes I have to restart the browser to clear the cookie, but today, I was unable to post it at all even after doing that for some time. Now it’s working normal again.

It has happened to me with some forums / blog comments. Means that your IP has been flagged by the software and is on a blacklist. Often means someone else was using the address for nefarious stuff, usually spam. Also happens erroneously often, as this stuff is automated and the algorithms don’t always get it right. Good thing is that these bans usually expire after x hours or days, can’t speak for how these forums are configured of course, but it’s usually not permanent.

I use a commercial VPN service when I browse and it lets me switch servers; sometimes it takes me a few tries before one works.

Hmmm must be something to do with software.

Hi @chopwatch, if you continue to see this error when logging in please send me a direct message with your IP address at the time so we can investigate further. To get your IP you can google “my ip”. Thanks!