Former Cat 3/4 Looking for riding buddies - new in town


I am 26 year old cyclist that has moved here about a year ago. I have a background in competitive cycling and would like to find other like minded individuals to network with and train with, whatever form that may be at this time.

It has been very challenging to connect with other cyclists during this pandemic.

I am looking to network with people who would want to ride anywhere from 30-100 mile rides in the 17-20mph avg speed pace.

I used to compete in USAC but have been out for a couple years but looking to get back into racing after the pandemic.

Please reach out to me via this post or private message me. I am willing to do as much accommodation for distancing/safety as needed for group rides.

Thank you.

Hi there, check out the Facebook page of the Sauvie Shootout and the OBRA (OR Bike Racing assoc.) website/email list. Both are populated by people who like to ride those distances and speeds.

Welcome to Portland, see you out there!