Flats on Springwater/205 MUP

I have continued to use both paths over the years despite the changes as they are an efficient way to get out of town for long rides. But no longer. The amount of glass and metal shards embedded in my tires after the last two rides was ridiculous. I was still getting flats from glass on a gravel ride I did the following weekend. Last weekend as I fixing my second flat an older gentleman was walking his road bike home for the same reason. Can they be swept of debris somehow? Do they get cleaned?

You might want to install tire liners. They’ve drastically reduced the number of flats I get on my bike with inner tubes. (The bike with tubeless tires and sealant has never had a flat.)

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sorry to hear this Brian… your tires and the condition of these paths. We need to make keeping them clean and safe a much higher priority. The path is ODOT’s responsibility, but they’ve got an agreement with City of Portland to work with the campers. It’s complicated because of the campers, Covid (these days), and because ODOT just doesn’t really have a dedicated priority on keeping their paths in good shape. We could use some strategic advocacy around the issue. Maybe The Street Trust will be able to help a bit now that they have a new leader. It’s all just very frustrating that in 2021 we still can’t even keep these vital paths clear and clean.

I find that I get more flats when my tires start to wear out. Buying more flat-resistant tires really helps. I use Continental GatorSkin tires, but all brands have tires that are more resistant. I rode most of the Springwater this past weekend with no problems.

It’s ODOT, isn’t? Try reporting light outage, vandalism to fence, and things of those nature and they’ll easily leave you hanging for weeks, if not months. Have you guys noticed the freeway lights have changed from orange to yellowish white LEDs recently and a whole bunch of them are already blown in clusters in some parts of town? Oregon State Highway Department’s main hustle is vehicular highway. If maintenance concerns on things related to the road gets pushed back so much, you can imagine MUP gets pushed down farther down the list.