First time Pedalpalooza ride leader

Howdy yall! So I am so super excited for pedalpalooza this year and cannot wait to ride as many as possible! I was thinking of setting up and leading a music genre- themed ride this summer but have never lead a ride… Is there anyplace to get advice? I would love to borrow/rent a speaker trailer and maybe coordinate some stops on the route. I’ll take any advice I can get!



A music genre-themed ride is a great idea!

I’ll bet John ( would have some solid advice – he was in charge of Music Day last year. Maybe he even has a line on a speaker you could borrow? We’ve found that even smaller blue-tooth speakers can do the trick these days, though. No need for anything custom or fancy.

There’s a very thorough “Leading a Social Ride” page with a detailed PDF full of ideas here:

Take a look at the information there, and then share more information about your idea and detailed ways we can help!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!



Thank you!!! I will check those resources out :smiley: