First Commute Through River View Cemetery


Tomorrow will be my first day as a bike…person? And my main route (according to Google) will take me through River View Cemetery. I’m going from Sellwood to SW pdx down to Barbur Blvd near the I-5 South ramp. Anyway, the last time I saw the entrance to the cemetery, the gate was closed. Is there a way to pass through the cemetery even when the gate is shut?

Thank you and all best,
Michael Schmidtke

If you are referring to the lower gate by the bridge then yes there is a way around the gate on foot or by bike.

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To elaborate, to the left of the gate as you approach it going westbound, there is a little gravel footpath. You will need to dismount your bike to carry it up a curb and then back down off the curb on the other side of the gate.

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Thank you! Phew. All is not lost.

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However, note River View’s “rules” page, which strongly implies they don’t want us in there before 8 a.m. See River View Cemetery | Portland, OR Funeral Home & Cremation

Also, beware giving any impression you are “training,” per the rules’ context-free admonition to “Please do not train with your bike on our cemetery grounds.” Exactly what that means is anyone’s guess.

Not that you wouldn’t but please be respectful. This is a place of mourning and there have been complaints of aggressive and rude cyclists. It is private property and can be closed to cyclists at any time.
Enjoy your ride!

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