Feeling safer in DC

I moved cross country from OR to DC last June. (train & bike on rail trails). I’m amazed by the safe cycling in DC. Portland has not kept up. I’m visiting Portland this week and finding myself having to plan to stay safe. Here are a few pics of my DC bike life for comparison.


They got that federal money tho…

Looks beautiful. Really sad we have ceded control of our Portland trails to anarchy and squalor. I won’t use them anymore for fear of violence. I guess the loudest Portlanders want it that way so that is what we get.

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I too enjoy DC when I visit and how the non-federal portion of the city has gradually become far more bike-friendly by removing parking and car lanes, much of it with local tax dollars and some federal funding that pretty much every other city gets, including Portland. I particularly enjoy the very long leading-interval pedestrian signals, sometimes up to 90 seconds before cars are allowed to turn or move forward. The subway is top-notch.

DC gets no state funding but pays federal income taxes and local taxes. Its license plate motto says, “Taxation Without Representation”, since it has no votes in congress or the senate.