Fat Tire Farm bike shop violent burglary, video

Violent break in at Portland local bike shop Fat Tire Farm. 4 burglaries in 11 months! Watch the video of the break in and the general manager saying it’s tough to stay in Portland. The lawlessness of Portland continues unabated and seems to get worse ever day. Hard for small business to survive in this mileau. We have the lowest number of police officers in 30 years….I guess this is what other voters in Portland want. Me I’m looking to get out—sounds like so is the general manager of the bike shop. Can’t blame him.

I imagine the Bike Loud folx and The Street Trust will simply say “this happens everywhere” instead of offering support to this beleaguered Portland cycling business. Unlikely that Maus will cover this because that would bring attention to the fact that Portland needs to focus on pragmatic actions such as providing basic services like police, fire, 911 and stop hiring $100,000+/year social and racial equity bureaucrats that do nothing but virtue signal.


Yeah Maus has got nothin’ here.


The “license plate optional” culture encourages this. If it was strictly enforced, it would significantly increase such vehicles’ chance of getting caught before this even happens.


Be careful Maus will delete your account and all your comments like he did with cyclingistruth. Isn’t that right Jonathan?

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With the level of paranoia displayed by Maus it’s not all that surprising.