Exposing drivers that honk at you in implied crosswalk

Should we start doing this? By state law, drivers shall yield to pedestrians trying to cross at implied, unmarked and unsignal crosswalk.

I’m getting tired of getting honked at trying to cross MLK/Grand/Broadway/Weidler and such when attempting to proceed across lawfully. I’m not talking about abruptly bolting into the street without looking, but after first making sure there’s plenty of space and cars are able to safely stop.

I know some people post webcams of bad drivers. Perhaps we could get the ball going on drivers who refuse to stop and honk at pedestrians for whom they must stop.

I hate people who break laws as much as anyone, but what will it accomplish? People drive like they are living in a Mad Max movie now and don’t care. What would posting their videos do? The Police aren’t going to give them a ticket because of it. All it would do is reaffirm what I already know and that’s how dangerous the streets are without enforcement.

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If they’re commercial or logo’d vehicle of a public facing company, their failure to yield gives you a pass to post brand damaging reviews about their drivers violating the law and endangering pedestrians without it being libel, because it’s a truthful statement, especially if you’ve got vid to back it up.