Electric bike - tandem

I am selling a Cannondale hand built Tandem that is also an electric bike. It’s probably one of a kind, and want to know what folks think I should charge for it. The bike was purchased used once from a man whose wife was blind and thought She might like to ride together- she didn’t. I converted it to an electric bike because I lived at Council Crest and it was easier to ride home when my kids were young. I just bought a new eZee battery and paid $560.00 for it. The conversion to electric was $1500 at Portland’s e-Bike store. It’s awesome to ride. The front is medium- the back is small.
Would love to hear what folks think. It’s on Facebook’s marketplace now.

Wow! That sounds interesting! I hope you find it a good home, and the bike market does seem right to sell now.

A couple years ago I tried to sell a Univega tandem in very good condition, similar size, new fat Big Apple tires, for $450/oo. One nibble didn’t work out. I still have it. Fun as they are, tandems just don’t have the appeal or functionality for lots of folks, and the market is so small that it’s unpredictable.

Post a pic or two if you want.

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