Effect on traffic from Cornelius Pass closure?

Did anyone venture out to Highway 30 and Skyline this weekend? Wondering what the traffic conditions were like, especially considering the closure of Cornelius Pass. I decided to skip the area today after almost getting hit twice on the St. Johns Bridge last weekend. Larch Mountain was a nice change of scenery today, especially with the road closure the last couple miles up to the trailhead.

I climbed Newberry to Skyline on Saturday morning at around 10:00, and it was a steady stream of autos in groupings of three or four. Most played nice, there were a few that didn’t give me any extra space and we’re going a bunch faster than their compatriots. I underestimated the impact of the Cornelius Pass closure, and I’ll avoid doing that again until the construction is complete.

A friend of mine reported pretty heavy traffic on Skyline until getting west of Cornelius Pass that same morning.

Good luck!


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Yikes. Newberry is now a designated detour route for autos. I went up Logie and McNamee the two weekends before the CP closure and it was actually pretty good except for the faster and more dangerous than normal traffic on the St. Johns Bridge.

I did Skyline from Logie Trail Saturday afternoon and Skyline south of Corn Pass was WAAAAY busier than normal. Steady stream of drivers… most headed to Newberry. Closure is definitely having an impact.