Edit: RECOVERED - Stolen Faraday on the loose, keep an eye out please

EDIT bike has been recovered with the help of PPB East, who set up a sting with the Offerup seller.

Hey PDX! Need you to keep eyes out. On May 16 this Faraday Porteur was stolen from Foster-Powell. The owner notes “This was my main form of transportation and method for transporting my daughter to school.”

Bike: Stolen 2017 Faraday Porteur

Naturally, it popped up about 2 days ago on everybody’s favorite unregulated stolen goods meth-fest, aka Offerup

Offerup seller: https://offerup.com/item/detail/1209375333

Somebody attempted interception yesterdayday but the guy got spooked and fled.

Would appreciate it if people could keep an eye out. We assume he’s near the Albertson’s off of Cully - “20s-early 30s, white, 5’10”, brown shortish hair, gaps between his teeth, paunchy, with a dice tattoo on the underside of his right forearm."

Lastly, for the 400000th time, Offerup is a terrible service that profits off the unregulated selling of stolen goods on their platform in every city and state in the country. Somebody should drag them into court and launch a class action. They’re terrible.


You seem passionate about OfferUp., Have you reached out to the mainstream press?

Yep. Pretty much every single time I interact with press, I bring this up.

ALSO: this faraday has been recovered, PPB east set up a sting and grabbed it back


That’s great to hear! I hope they are able to ID and prosecute the thief/seller.


glad to hear it was recovered.

Not glad to hear Offer Up is still so bad. What really bothers me about them is they don’t include bicycles in the “vehicles” category… just in the “sports /outdoors” category. :rofl: :rofl:

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Glad to hear this story had a happy ending. Does anyone have advice on how to report something like this to police to initiate a ‘sting’ or get some other help, as happened in this case?

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Before it’s stolen put these records in a safe place like bikeindex.org :

  1. Serial number
  2. Bill of sale
  3. Other proof of ownership like photos of you and the bike, or the bike and your home.

Lock it every time you can’t touch it. (A key or a lock holder or wear marks can help convince a cop that it was stolen by force.)

PPB Online Reporting - Portland, Oregon Police Bureau offers reporting for a variety of minor crimes. Unfortunately it forces a choice between general property theft which can be reported online and vehicle theft which needs either a cop in person or a visit to the local precinct office. If it was me, I’d fill out the online form immediately, then take that case number to the precinct and ask to upgrade it to vehicle theft, but that’s speculating.

After that get word and eyes out for it “on the street.” Mention it here, watch online ads, post flyers, and maybe scope out any chop shops you can eyeball or photograph. Me, I’d ask a buddy to go with me on that recon, and be ready to beat a quick retreat.

I can’t help but think that this case got higher priority because it is an expensive bike and very distinctive*. Would an old 3x7 MTB, rough cosmetics but in good mechanical shape and used for daily transport, get the same attention? Well… But at least having the serial number and clear evidence of ownership would be a start.

*And the owner did everything right to recover it, and got some lucky breaks. I’m glad it worked out for them just as I’d be for the owner of the old MTB.


It’s in PPB’s “Bike Theft Task Force” FAQ.

Despite there being less/little effort with the BTTF, the site is still there and the protocols still work.

See: Bike Theft FAQ | Bike Theft Task Force | The City of Portland, Oregon

under " “I found my stolen bike online for sale!” What can I do now?"


Yep, be sure to register your bike(s) on


Jonathan, Wait the OfferUp categories bother you more than the fact that the platform sells stolen bikes and they do nothing about it?

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Way to go PPB East!
Now if only we could get the Portland City Council to quit hating on the police and restore funding to the Bike Theft Task Force.

Based on his use of emojis, I’d suspect that he was just joking.