Edgefield concert via Bike + Blue Line?

Going to be hitting up a show at Edgefield next month, thinking of taking Blue Line to Gresham TC and riding the 4 miles from there. I rarely get out Troutdale way, so I am curious if anyone has done this specific thing? Looks like there is ample bike parking at the venue and a decent bike lane on Halsey. Edgefield shows have a 10pm curfew and last train is at 11. Seems doable yeah?

This sounds like a fun night out. You’re right, it’s totally doable. I’ve ridden back from Edgefield to NE Portland via Halsey with no problems. (If going that far I would jump over to the Tillamook N’hood Greenway via 92nd since the bike lane disappears after Gateway. I take the sidewalk on the overpass.)
I would recommend a good headlight to be able to avoid potholes and broken glass, though I think there is streetlighting for most of the way. But more light is better!

Thanks for the greenway tip. I will keep an eye out. Much appreciated