East Springwater trail observations

A table lost a leg when Eudaly was put in. When it was replaced by Hardesty, it broke another leg. We now have a slanted two legged table.


So true, Remember to vote in May, Now is the chance to get rid of Hardesty.
Also, look at Sharia Mayfield for Mutlnomah County Chair. She fully supports getting all campers off our MUP’s/bike trails. NONE of the other candidates support this.

She does have some good ideas about the homeless crisis. But,I didn’t find any specific mention of MUPs on Ms. Mayfield’s web page.

I finally got out for another ride yesterday on the trail. I went as far west as 111th and as far east as Boring. The auto chop shop that had the burned out RV with the stripped Subaru Outback on top of it is gone. Someone put a whole bunch of boulders around the the grounds that prevent anyone pulling a car in there. There’s a lot of garbage around the area now. The drug camps between 122nd and 136th are getting larger and more active with a couple of them having bike chop shops going. The relatively new drug camp behind Powell Butte a bit west of Circle Ave has become more established and the resident(s) seem to be starting a fledgling bike chop shop there. There were about 5 or 6 sketchy guys around the Cedarville Lodge (Paesano) area. I’m guessing they’ve got a camp or camps out of sight nearby. A couple of them were paying no attention to approaching bike traffic, so watch out. The rest of the trail all the way to Boring is all good. I didn’t see any blockages from utility construction although there does seem to be some water main work going on adjacent to the trail at either 252nd or 267th (I forget). Looks like it’s going to be raining for the next week, so bummer.

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I stumbled on this Streetview of the Coho Tables in 2009 and thought you might enjoy the earlier era.


So sad we have abandoned our MUP’s. We need to vote in different leaders. DON’T VOTE FOR ANY INCUMBENTS. Don’t vote for any current Multnomah County Commissioners running for the chair position. They do NOT deserve a promotion.

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Google maps does not have a more recent view than 2009. What does it look like now? It’s about 20 miles, 1 way, from me, so it’s not that easy for me to pop over there to look.

Since she doesn’t mention MUPs specifically, I decided to ask her. Here’s the note I sent to Sharia’s campaign through her campaign web page (Contact - Sharia for Multnomah County Chair — Sharia Mayfield, Community Advocate : )

On your campaign web page (at https://votemayfield.com/priorities.html,) you write, “Part of keeping public space clean and accessible to everyone means enforcing laws that threaten that.” You also write, “Sharia supports the June 2015 Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse emissions to ambitiously ensure 2030 objectives.”

A way that we can reduce GHG is to promote bicycle transportation. A way that we’re deterring bicycle transportation is allowing multi-use paths (MUPs) such as the Springwater and I205 paths, to be used as de facto homeless campsites. For many potential users, this effectively closes MUPs.

To meet two of your priorities, will you emphasize getting homeless off of MUPs, cleaning up MUPs, and reopening MUPs for everyone to use?


I’m looking forward to her response, I’m optimistic it will be much better than the other candidates running who are all current Mutlnomah commissioners and have clearly not not made this MUP’s and GHG reduction a priority. They have instead enabled the abandonment of our MUP’s and in turn have worsened our environmental crisis.

Are you (or anyone else) aware of the role that Multnomah County has in the MUP’s? Do they coordinate, plan, provide maintenance, enforcement?? What is the various city’s (Portland, Gresham, etc) role versus the county? It’s clear the MUP’s are a disaster now…especially in Portland. I imagine the County is the “deep pocket” though since they are now getting huge money from the Metro Homeless measure. ($2.5 Billion over 10 years to be distributed to the 3 counties). Unfortunately, the current Multnomah commissioners (all of whom are wanting a promotion to chair) want to primarily spend this $ on permanent housing which will never be sufficient for a national problem.

Sharia Mayfield wrote back:

Hi Seth,

Thanks so much for reaching out and thanks for your patience as I do try to reply to each query myself (lots of time, but important). As to your question, I actually live right next to the Springwater trail and am concerned that multi-use paths become more dangerous and deter others when there is unsanctioned camping and attendant drug use in the open. I haven’t seen it on the trail here yet but I only walk through a small strip.

To answer your question: “To meet two of your priorities, will you emphasize getting homeless off of MUPs, cleaning up MUPs, and reopening MUPs for everyone to use?” 100%. My campaign is primarily focused on urgently ending illegal street camping and moving people into varied alternative short-term options until they are rehabilitated and/or can self-sustain.

All the best,

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100%! Wow, that is awesome!
I will guarantee none of the other candidates will give you this answer.

Thanks for posting that reply.

[quote=“tfcandiit, post:32, topic:1825, full:true”]
setha, Are you (or anyone else) aware of the role that Multnomah County has in the MUP’s?


Here’s a headsup:

So Thursday I headed out for a ride eastbound, joining the trail at 128th.

Close to the entrance of Powell Butte, I saw a mini-bike/pocket bike heading my way going westbound at a high rate of speed.

I yelled at him as he went by to slow down . He skidded to a stop and turned around. Then hit my arm as he passed at a high rate of speed, now going my eastbound direction.

He continued up the trail for about 100 feet, pulling over and going behind some trees.

When I caught up to him, words were exchanged. He was wearing a motorcycle helmet with a dark sun visor; completely obscuring his face. He said he had a gun, and that “you can’t tell who I am.”

More words were exchanged, (he called me the “N” word; I’m a white person) , and I decided to get away from this POS, and continued my ride eastbound.

Around the Linnemann Station, he zipped by, almost clipping a rider with a cargo trailer.

Twice more between Pleasant View rd. and Towle he pulled off the road and out of view, waited for me to pass and came up behind me.

He finally left the trail at Bryn Mawr lane, just west of Towle.

I considered following him up Bryn Mawr, but I didn’t have my phone, and didn’t want anymore of his energy.

I continued up the trail to Boring. No sign of him on the return trip.

He was short. He was young, maybe he was on springbreak? I’ve never experienced him before.


I’ve seen some punk riding what for all intents and purpose looks like a dirt bike motorcycle except that it’s electric. 136nd used to be the frontier of where the drug camps and attendant behaviors stopped going eastward. The last few times I’ve been riding, I’ve started seeing indications that they’re headed further eastward. The area behind Powell Butte seems like it should be a draw to them. I’ve even seen a guy pulling two wagons worth of crap between Gresham and Boring the last couple of days. Does anyone know who we’re supposed call to report illegal camping and other behavior on the trail? Not that I expect actual results of course.


this guy wasn’t homeless, he was clean/ his clothing and helmet could have been new.
more suburban than anything else.
I really wanted my phone to record this idiot.
I probably would have called 911 also


I heavily recommend you get a camera for your rides, even if you have to shell out a few hundred bucks it may save you later on. A used GoPro from Offerup, a more recent model with interchangeable batteries. Then buy a few batteries from GoPro’s website which are fairly cheap, and start recording 24/7. It should be the norm for all cyclists, unfortunately, since the police may have a skewed opinion to favor the driver even if more evidence goes against the driver.


I think if there was some sort of pipe shaped object within my eyesight I might of picked it up. But I think that’s what he wanted; confrontation. An excuse to use his “gun”?..I dunno

I’ve considered the GoPro in the past, for documentation, as a “heads-up” for others riders.

I got out for a ride again yesterday and went as far west as 128th. The fledgling drug camp/bike chop operation at about the 13.5 mile marker just west of Circle Ave appears to be abandoned. The tent is gone and there’s just a bunch of garbage where it was. The drug camps between 136th and 128th are as big as ever or bigger and the biggest one had what looked like an old bookcase laying on its side covering about a quarter of the trail itself. To the east, everything was good all the way to Boring.


Decent ride yesterday, headed east from the SWT and I-205 junction…scattering of camps under the 205 overpass.
The camps just east of 128th were less than usual and beginning to be cleared by Rapid Response with a four person crew and a large box truck filling up with various dry-land flotsam and jetsam.
On the return trip, the clean up crew/truck were gone, with plenty of tents and garbage remaining.
It was only 2:30, so maybe they came back to finish the job?

Other than that, lots of smiles per mile for most of the ride.
No Pocket bike mofo’s either.