East side SW 14th & SW Yamhill - bicycle disassembly operations

In mid February 2023, down the slope, unpermitted outdoor bicycle disassembly operations have established in the State of Oregon ODOT easement. Suspicious vehicles are coming and going all hours of the night.


Let’s not jump to any conclusions. Lol.

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Oh the “vulnerable” are just taking care of themselves. Remember, theft and illegal activities seem to be allowed activities in lawless Portland (for certain groups). To enforce laws, (especially just property crimes) on anyone earning less than $30,000/year or of certain skin colors is considered racist and classist in the “city that used to work”

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The only solution is to divert such miscreants to the blocks around personal homes of high level homeless industrial complex staff in the city limits. If they so much complain, you can get a copy of it through Open Public Records Request, and you can call them out as NIMBYs.

You can’t defecate or dump needles in front of their house, but you can encourage homeless activities; and indulge the ones that do setup camp near there with large supply of new needles, narcan, JoHS supplied tents, wet wipes, etc.


I’m surprised Maus hasn’t deleted your account. He did that to cyclingistruth.