East bank esplanade closure

Wednesday, Sept. 09 biking back towards Rose Quarter Transit Center on the east bank esplanade I found the trail closed. The closure seems to extend from past the steel bridge to the fishing area with the bike racks. At some point it looks like there was as sign warning of the closure where the path goes downhill from the path that leads to the Burnside Bridge stairs but it is now gone. Exiting the bridge options could include the ramp up to the Morrison on using the Hawthorne.

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Jonathan posted this article about the closure: https://bikeportland.org/2022/09/07/esplanade-ramp-closed-due-to-low-water-in-willamette-river-363063

I forgot about this and dead ended there Saturday . No signage anywhere .
Turned around and took Lincoln up to Mt. Tabor.
Did notice some idiot threw blue paint on the Vera Katz statue, ,…never seen any markings on Vera before…no respect.

You get what you vote for.