E-bike Service for E-Bikes (Hub Motors) on West Side

Hello! I am getting an e-bike soon to commute from 97007 area all the way to the Alberta district for work as the Trek Madonne is just not cutting it every day, haha. That being said, I am strictly a bike rider as I am kind of too environmentally-friendly to own a car, so I am stuck with bike shops on the west side near Beaverton-Tigard that can service a hub motor e-bike. I am also not filthy rich so my price point is maxed at $1600, as I also only want a class-3 bike and not a step-through. Does anybody have suggestions for dealers or sound alternatives to Aventon Pace 500 (Pace 500 E-Bike | Aventon Bikes)? Thanks a gazillion!

  • Zee