DUI driver flips over pedal pub in Atlanta. 15 injured in single vehicle accident

A drunk driver that was steering the pedal pub with 15 souls on board flips over, critically injuring two, seriously injuring two, and causing minor injuries to 10. The driver was charged with DUI and business permit violation.

As long as alcohol and drugs are an acceptable activity and encouraged by media and culture, we will always have deaths either via road accidents or any one of a multitude of causes related to drug and alcohol use.
Folks need to realize getting drunk or high just isn’t a good option. One doesn’t need either to live their lives.

And yes I’m on my high horse, I never ever taken drugs and I’ve had alcohol probably a dozen times (but never drunk) in my life and none in the past 20 years.

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I’m with you. I don’t want alcohol or drugs in my life. Unfortunately, I can’t escape it because of the alcoholics and drug addicts in my own family. I’ve spent over $2K just over the last three weeks keeping my 91 year old mom from becoming homeless because my 56 year old crack head brother that she lives with keeps getting them evicted. At least they don’t live within 2500 miles of me. It just infuriates me when I see all the drug camps that are tolerated destroying our local communities. I’m to the point that I would support banning Narcan.