Drum & Bass On The Bike

Has this been shared on BP yet? If yes, sorry for the dupe. If not… just wanted to share another bikey thing that makes me really happy.

Dom Whiting is a drum & bass DJ from outside of London who tricked out a trike with his turntables and does rolling live sets that attract “hundreds” of riders in various UK and other European cities. He calls it “Drum & Bass On The Bike.” The videos are pretty great.

Here’s his ride from Brussels… in the rain:

“This is the meaning of freedom, I think,” he says at one point.

Video of the crowd following him in Southampton:

His YT channel:

Guardian article (from last summer):

Article from February

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Thanks, MickO! That’s a very happy and huge crowd. Also thanks for the music genre term - I had to look it up. :smile:

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