Downtown I-405 area chop shop map

The massive encampment/chopshop on Montgomery was cleared recently and bike chop shops moved around. These show not just chop shops, but highly probably “drop off” spots.

This version was last updated 11/29/20. Updated maps will be posted as replies to this thread as needed.


12/7/20 across from Far Post Soccer Supply (SW 14th & SW Taylor) - suspicious bicycle. Missing front brake fitted with road tire on front, MTB tire on rear.

12/8/20 Across from Outside In homeless services on SW 13th Ave / SW Main - A stash of different frames that are different from last time I’ve been past here.

Update 12/16/2020: there’s an open air bone yard with good 10-15 chopped up bike frames and numerous parts piled up in the dirt patch across from PSU Helen Gordon Child Development facility at SW 13th & SW Market St and signs of drug addict transient activity (shoe box sized drug addict needle bin)

Update Jan 8, 2021: Chopshop have returned in full force on west side curb of SW 13th Ave just north of SW Montgomery. Suspicious vehicles coming and going, numerous bikes in a big pile in varying states of disassembly and people coming and going at all hours of the night.

Also some chopshop activities noted on east side of SW 14th Ave between Lincoln High School and MAX tracks. This general area has been identified as “chronic problem area” by the PPB BTTF in this Twitter post back in October 2020.