Donate cycling kit?

Just went through my closet and I have a pile of unused to lightly used kit that falls under the category of “didn’t work out”, mostly for size reasons. This ranges from shoes to jerseys, to leg warmers. I can send it all to goodwill, but I was hoping it would get used somewhere. Does anybody know a place where I can donate it that has a better chance of getting it into the hands of younger cyclists who can use this stuff? Thx.

I might recommend joining your neighborhood Buy Nothing Project group and offering it there – I personally like knowing stuff is going to people in my 'hood. I was reasonably delighted with how active my local neighborhood group is.

Most of the BNP’s existing groups are Facebook-based, and restricted to the actual neighborhood you live in. They are relatively strongly moderated with policies around fairness and constructive behavior (e.g. people claiming stuff they don’t need or just to re-sell is frowned upon and somewhat rare)

Good luck, whatever you do.

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This forum’s classifieds? Couldn’t hurt to try.

you can also try donating to bike farm.

Hi Clem, if you want to aid junior riders you might consider taking your used kit to TriTech just off Clinton. They have a “$20 for anything on this rack” section and the money goes to support junior racers.