Do you rent a bicycle locker from PBOT?

I’m working on a story about these and would love to hear from someone who uses/rents one of the PBOT-sanctioned bike lockers that are available at several parking lots around town.


  • How/why do you rent one?
  • Which location?
  • What has your experience been? Do they work? Are they useful to you?

Thanks in advance!

Have not rented one, but wanted to – none were available in desired location when I looked. However, my workaround was better as I was able to get an allowance to bring my bike in the building.

I did rent a locker in Salem for 5 years and was very happy with the results despite the fact I was worried someone could go through the door with a large screwdriver if they wanted. No one ever messed with my bike and I could leave lights and other things on no problem. One thing that probably helped was it was impossible to tell simply by looking at a locker if it contained a bike.

One major issue I had with lockers is that they’re designed only to accommodate traditional diamond frame bikes. So forget about longtails, 'bents, or anything that’s longer or wider in any direction than traditional geometry/dimensions.

I find that lockers give acceptable security – something I do not think about bike racks for periods exceeding a few minutes.

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