Do Not Enter Except Bicycles - Exceptions?

On my commute this morning, I witnessed a Portland Disposal and Recycling Truck turn right on the greenway at Going and 33rd. This has a clear no right turn except bicycles, and also a row of bollards to prevent traffic from turning right. They ran straight over the bollards. Should they be doing this? I understand having to do their jobs but I also fear what if a cyclist had been closer to the intersection, would they have seen them? How often is PBOT having to replace these bollards because they run over them? To me, it seems the couple of houses on that side of the street could put their garbage and recycling on the opposite side of the street on pick up days so that they don’t have to turn there. Thoughts?

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Video link, my swearing is because I was startled by the sound of them hitting the bollards. My camera didn’t pick up on the crunch.


Report it to PBOT here.

Call 503-823-1700 or email
The company would be liable for the repair.

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