Do my wheels (or rims?) need sanding/resurfacing?

Hi Everyone.
Do my wheels (or rims?) need sanding/resurfacing? I honestly don’t know if these are wheels with rims or just wheels. 1999 Terry Classic bike.
My brake pads are chewed to bits and need to be immediately replaced.
Know anyone in Portland that stocks Kool Stop universal brake pads?
I have Tektro Mini-V BMX brakes on the front (long story) and Shimano Deore XT on the back.

I’ve not heard of resurfacing rims. If it comes to that, your rims are already compromised structurally and you’d only be making it worse. I’ve heard of road bikes having their rims collapse from too much sanding down from the road grime on the rim when the pads grind it in. Maybe if they’re thicker for off-road type bikes it would be possible?

I think I remember buying Kool-Stop pads at River City Bicycles in the past.

Those just look worn down. Probably not beyond continued use. The grooves don’t really inhibit brake performance all that much. But eventually you will compromise your wheel if you lose too much material. I’ve worn through a rim sidewall before. It takes a long time. The sidewall will start to feel concave to the touch long before it gives way.

Just get some new brake pads and keep riding. Just about any bike shop in town should have some pads that will work with your brakes.

THANK YOU so much. Appreciative!

Yes, that’s a rim. Lacing it together with spokes, spoke nipples, and a hub makes a wheel.

That’s a very good photo of the wear on the rim sidewalls. I’m not positive, but that shinier line down nearer to the spokes might be a wear indicator groove (not all rims have that). If it is, there is lots of life left in those rims because it is clearly not worn down to the deepest part of the groove. Other than that it’s hard to say just how worn out that rim is, but if you want to compare to a totally failed rim, scroll about 1/4 of the way down this page to a picture labeled A rim that split due to brake wear: Bicycle Rim Brakes (SheldonBrown pages are a good source for all sorts of bike related knowledge.)

Like Drs, I would continue to ride that rim around town. I have never sanded a rim smooth, and mine look pretty much like yours. The brake pads themselves wear very quickly to “bed in” to the irregular braking surface, and it works just fine. Softer pads like Kool-Stop “Salmon” bed in more quickly. They also grip better in wet and cold conditions, and the pad wears more instead of the rim, but they wear out faster than harder pads. Since pads are fairly cheap and easy to replace, it makes sense to use the softer pads. If your local bike shop doesn’t have K-S “Salmon,” ask them what other softer pads they offer.

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thank you so much! awesome info on K-S.

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Hi! I have an extra set up Kool-stop pads (55-mm/2.25-in) I’m willing to send you. I have a vintage MTB and don’t need two extra sets since I hardly ever ride it. I live in Eugene and these are difficult to find here too.

Anyway, if you’re interested, send me a shipping address and I’ll get them out to you.