Did you witness a hit & run the morning of 7/26?

We’re looking for witnesses and/or film footage from someone’s dash cam or home security camera…

Here are the details:

Today 7/26/21 between 7:35-7:40am

Posting on behalf of a friend.
He was riding his bike eastbound on Clinton and crossing 39th at a green light
A “sporty black” car was headed north on 39th and blew their red light
They clipped his front wheel, causing him to crash, and they continued driving without slowing down at all.
The cyclist is male, 5’4" slender and wearing his signature short black shorts.
Also, he was wearing a helmet. His clavicle is broken.

Please email me with details bicyclekitty@gmail.com
Thanks in advance.

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So sorry this happened to your friend. If you get a more detailed description of the car and/or driver please post.
Not surprising this occurred given the lack of a functioning police department in Portland and weak district attorney. Criminals know they odds of getting caught and prosecuted are very low. Stay safe!

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FWIW Exact collision time was found to be 7:34 thanks to neighbors who pulled audio (no video, wrong angle) from their surveillance camera

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