Crown-Zellerbach partial closure?

I rode Crown-Zellerbach last week for the first time. It was beautiful! There was a chunk starting a few miles from Vernonia that was closed due to forestry activity. Anyone know how long that will last or how to get updates?

Here’s the latest from Columbia County:


We don’t have a firm date, but its looking like it will be closed through the month of August while a Weyerhaeuser contractor is doing road work and some clearing in that area.

I also need to check on the status of the harvest at the end of Knott Street, which is the section of trail that is privately owned and not yet officially CZ Trail. The property owner is clearing that area while we finalize an easement through it - I think he’s finished, or close to, but we may need to hold off on announcing that section is open until the easement is official.

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Awesome, thank you for finding that out!