Creating slower streets/greenways/diverters

I figured maybe the forum would be a good place to corral resources and information on how to apply, who to contact, and what steps to take to slow speed limits on a street. Anywhere from reporting speeding to the PBOT website, to creating a new greenway, diverters, etc.

I live on a street which has seen an uptick in cut-through traffic and speeding, and was wondering what resources are out there.
One I know of for speeding is (503) 823-SAFE.

What about creating a greenway?
Other ideas and resources?


This is a big question! Really depends on how much time and work you want to do. I mean, it can be a full-time job advocating for stuff like this.

  • 823-SAFE is a great place to start. Also make sure you hit the newly touted which is the email PBOT is taking Slow Streets Safe Streets feedback on.

  • Might also contact your n’hood association to see if anyone else is already working on it.

  • And make sure to get yourself and your street on the radar with PBOT’s Neighborhood Greenways program manager Scott Cohen. You can find his contact info here – > Contact Us | Neighborhood Greenways | The City of Portland, Oregon

  • Depending on where you live there might be a corresponding “In Motion” plan (NW In Motion for example) or other quadrant-level plan you can comment on or study to see if your street is in there.

  • If you live on an ODOT street it’s a different ball game. Start with AskODOT hotline Oregon Department of Transportation : Ask ODOT : State of Oregon

I’ll try to get someone from Bike Loud PDX to respond. They are masters of the greenway game and can likely help even more.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Hi Chadwick,

I’m afraid it’s a bit more complicated than we’d like to reduce cut-through traffic and speeding on streets.

I don’t mean to be discouraging, but as Jonathan mentioned, it can take a lot of time to advocate for this. If you could share the street that you’re thinking (either by messaging me or emailing us - we might be able to get some information about whether this could be considered for a Neighborhood Greenway or other traffic calming.

All of the resources that Jonathan posted are great. I recommend looking at the 2030 Bike Master Plan map and see if your street is already recommended to become a Greenway:


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Thank you and Jonathan for the resources & recommendations.
I will look in to all the options, and report what I hear back.

I do realize this is probably a large task, but figured I may as well start somewhere, and also let other folks know what is possible, and also share what I find out as well.


It looks as if my street is one block north of a proposed greenway in the 2030 Bike Master Plan.
Another tack may be needed to reduce traffic volumes here.

Here is my first response from the city via the 823-SAFE line

" Good morning,
Thank you for contacting 823-SAFE with your concern about speeding and safety on SE Ramona. If you can provide me with specific times when enforcement is most needed, I will forward a request to the Portland Police Bureau’s Traffic Division (PPB). Keep in mind that PPB, like PBOT, are focusing their resources on the City’s most dangerous streets. PPB allocates resources to where they may be able to do the most good and have the greatest impact. Each request is reviewed by a PPB Sergeant and assigned to an officer to be worked or closed.

Best regards,

This thread reminds me – am I nuts or has the number of cyclists on Columbia noticeably increased?

I’ve always thought of Columbia as one of those places where cyclists are rare, the occasional “court-appointed” one aside – which you would expect for a high speed road butted up against a curb with no bike lane through industrial wasteland. But lately I’ve been seeing recreational cyclists who look like they’re going somewhere on sections I also see auto and motorcycle racing on.

The racing gets old. Aside from being incredibly dangerous, the guys I see doing it clearly lack the skills and equipment – I’m guessing that’s why they don’t want to embarrass themselves at the track.I can’t believe the cops aren’t well aware of when they can nail people. It’s just too common.

I’m reaching out to PBOT to see if they can at least do a traffic-volume study.
It’d be great to meet with the neighborhood association, to bring up this issue, but who knows when it will meet again.

I’ll let you know what PBOT’s response is.