Condition of Banks Vernonia trail?

Has anyone ridden this recently? Did it seem safe? I’d like to go with my young kids but not if it has houseless camps/drug use similar to the Springwater. Thanks!

Both the Banks-Vernonia and the Crown Zellerbacher would be excellent choices for young kids. My advice for the BV is to start at the trailhead in Manning and head towards Vernonia.

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I’ve never seen evidence of any illegal camping, drugs, etc. along the trail. It’s a state managed trail, far outside Portland city limits, and the towns it passes through are very small / rural.

Given there are plenty of people “boondocking” on Forest Service / BLM land in our region but there’s no area like that near the Banks-Vernonia trail, as far as I am aware of. Apart from the trail easement it’s bordered by State Parks and private land.

I rode it for the first time about 6 weeks ago. I don’t remember seeing any evidence of camps/drug use. It was really nice. Lots of families on it, so bring masks!

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I rode the first eight miles from Banks last week and saw nothing but happy bikers.