Commuting clothing that does not look like commuting clothing

I recently discovered Vulpine, a line of cyclist-oriented clothing that’s really well made, comfortable, and looks nice on and off the bike. I like their approach, which is neither the spandex/skinsuit nor the commuter Christmas tree. For example, their pants (or, “trousers,” since they are British) look like simple dress pants; they just also have features like reflective material inside the bottom cuff (which becomes visible if you roll up the leg), a zippered pocket for valuables, a key hook, and water repellent coating. They bend in the knees and fit well in the crotch while in the saddle. Cleverly designed.

My only complaint is that it is hard to get their clothes in the US. There are only two places where you can order Vulpine products: Vulpine’s website, and SportPursuit. Both are UK websites with all warehousing and distribution run out of a London suburb. Shipping takes about a month.

Now, most days, I carry clothes with me and change when I get to my office. But, if the weather is cool and I know I won’t sweat much, sometimes its nice to arrive in the clothes that I plan to wear to work.

All to say, I wonder if y’all have recommendations for other clothing companies that cater to / design for cyclists who don’t want to look like cyclists when they get to the office/campus.


I bought a bike poncho (boncho) from Vanmoof some years ago (they apparently don’t sell them anymore, but there are doubtlessly alternatives…hopefully local/domestic ones). While this thing screams bicycle commuting, I value it because it just throws over other clothing and offers surprisingly good protection from the elements - and then folds up to the size of a fat frisbee when you’re done.

Not a full solution to what you’re aiming for because it doesn’t help with, say, slacks not being great to cycle in whatever the weather, but it does allow me in many situations to “dress normal”, then throw this thing on for a ride and take it off after and I’m back to “dressed normal”. I also like that I can bundle up less in cold weather with it because it acts as a bit of wind buffer (making it easier not to sweat on long cold-weather rides), though this is undoubted a big detriment to anyone trying to go particularly fast.


Thanks for this. I wouldn’t have thought of a poncho, but after looking up some images of the Vanmoof Boncho, I get it. I’ve seen some large biking ponchos at Clever Cycles, but I will pay more attention to them the next time I’m there.

:+1: Good suggestion! I got a Carradice poncho for my wife many years ago and it’s still working well - comfortable and dry. I got it at and they still show that brand on their website.

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I don’t own any of their stuff, but as a listener of the War On Cars podcast I sure do hear a lot about Cleverhood, who make a few different rain capes/ponchos.

I’ve personally gotten sick of wearing non-stretch jeans when riding, so I purchased a pair of Duer stretch jeans that have a gusseted crotch, to boot. I’ve been happy with them, and they seem to make chino-ish performance pants as well you can peruse.