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Hello. I clearly have a forums account, and used to comment on articles, but recently I cannot log in on the web page, and seem to not have an account there - but I cannot find the register link. I am still obviously able to log into the forums, but how do I recreate a sign in to comment on articles?


Yeah, something weird happened to me a few months ago. My comment window disappeared, and the “thumbs up” button ceased to function. I considered asking Jonathan to look into it, but then I realized that participating in one less toxic online forum is a kind of blessing.

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You may need to clear all your BikePortland cookies in your browser.

Here’s the login link:
And the Forgot Password link:
But it seems that registration is closed for accounts to comment on articles:

If you had an account then you should be able to use the forgot password link. Unless that’s also disabled for some reason.

Maybe @Jonathan_Maus can shed some light on the inability to register.

It’s definitely not a cookie problem in my case, as it’s the same on multiple computers, including a new one I got a while after the problem started.


Yea, I use a password manager, but even the forgot password link says I don’t have an account with my email.

So something is hokey.

Sorry for the hassle Chris. I’ll get our guy on it asap