Columbia River bike route

Is the bike trail through the Gorge open past Viento State Park? (Going East) The official maps still show that you have to get on I84 to go further.

Yes that section is still under construction, so you have to get on I-84 to continue east.

There are only a few miles left before you can stay off I-84 the entire way between Troutdale and Hood River! Oregon Department of Transportation : Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail : Regions : State of Oregon

Yesterday, I road from Gresham out to Starvation Creek, 87 miles round trip. Very low traffic, beautiful route, and highly recommended. There are only a few stretches that that I don’t like and they are mostly from the Sandy up to the Woman’s Forum viewpoint. The car free sections are super great and well maintained. I saw spawning salmon, rabbits, deer, and a bald eagle. So many waterfalls, creeks, and beautiful little groves. I was surprised how much elevation there is! At Starvation Creek there are temporary signs that say closed past there while they work on the next section.