Clipless/platform combo pedals

Hi folks,

For some time now I’ve been curious about getting a combination pedal that is clipless on one side and platform on the other. I currently have Shimano clipless pedals on my only bike (a 2005 LeMond road bike) which are useful for longer rides in dry weather when I’m confident that my tires won’t slip out from under me. But for many of my shorter or wetter rides I just wear normal shoes.

I don’t find it too difficult to still use the clipless pedals when not clipped in, but I’ve wondered about getting a combination pedal. Does anyone have experience using one? How do you like it? Is there any particular brand you would recommend?



Hi! Yes, I absolutely love them for commuting. I use an SPD/platform combo. I’ve used a cheaper (~$40) one by Diamondback that I found online and they were fine, but now I use the Shimano EH-500 (~$80) and like them better – they’re lighter and they seem to stay the right side up a little better when clipping/unclipping in traffic. It’s so nice to have the platform option as my commute bike is also my general get-around bike and then I don’t have to waddle around the farmer’s market or the playground like a dork.

If your LBS doesn’t have them in stock, REI has them online and there’s a 20% off coupon through the 25th.


Seconded. I have an earlier version of those pedals on two bikes. My daily commute is with SPD shoes, but for lazy jaunts, I just use the flats. These newer ones mentioned have much better features on the flat side to give you more traction with ordinary shoes. Earlier ones could be a little slippery with some sneakers, particularly when wet.


Another vote for these! They’re a really good value. Also, check Craigslist. I’ve had really good luck finding pedals on CL for a fraction of the value of new ones. It’s a good way to outfit a commuter bike.

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And people wonder where all those stripped bike parts get sold. :wink: Kidding! Mostly.

True. That is a concern. There are clues, even from a posting, whether something may be hot and it certainly becomes obvious when you meet the seller but there are MANY legit reasons to part out a bike or sell parts when upgrading. I’ve done it myself and with carbon frames costing at least $500 to fix, the economics lead more riders down that path.

I’ve got double-sided SPD pedals on my hybrid/town bike. I got some plastic inserts that snap in… and I just leave them that way, so I can ride with clips or not.

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Thanks so much. I have been wondering about this. Now I’m excited to go out and get them!:+1:


Thanks for joining the forums nana :grin:. Make sure you report back on how they work out.