Cleanup on aisle 205

Very happy to see PBOT and Portland FD cleaning up the big camp/mess at Marine Drive and 205 path (by Home Depot). Good job having health and safety crews along for this work!


A guy flashed a bowie knife at me last year in that spot. He’d caught my attention as he scaled the fence into the Home Depot lot, I didn’t say a word or confront him in any way. I was up on the berm / path on my bike so no real immediate danger, but… still a bit unsettling.

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In the long run, cooperation of Home Depot, 7-11 and their property owners would be essential in the long run. This strip of road is open to authorized vehicles only and normally closed, however transients are driving their vehicles in here from the Home Depot parking lot by driving on the sidewalk/MUP. There is a slot for a bollard at 45.570758, -122.547162 but last I was there, it was not installed. Yes I have witnessed a transient related vehicle driving into the camp site from the MUP via the Home Depot parking lot.

By installing a bollard, it effectively seals off the loading dock for their stolen property, tents, etc and help slow down the movement of stolen property and ingestion of garbage and if we can get Home Depot to improve surveillance and institute towing of vehicles associated with camping, word would get around and help mitigate the issue.


Was it actually cleaned up? I don’t imagine that the fire bureau does clean up. Perhaps they were attending to the transients.

These are from sometime this year during the pandemic:
So many people that have nowhere else to go and possibly suffering from diabetes /s

In the same area directly across Marine Dr by the river:
45.573250, -122.545333

At the top of stairs by 7-Eleven:
45.570959, -122.547739
Lots of diabetics here, apparently.

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